Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonial from Louise Goble
My two mares made the switch from shod to barefoot with Emma's help in early summer 2011. It is now September 2011 and the improvements are really starting to show. More on that below but most of all I want to thank Emma for her patience both with my lack of knowledge but more importantly with the horses. No farrier I have met is quite like her. One of my horses in particular caused several farriers problems over the years - kicking out, pulling away, spinning, sitting on them etc but amost instantly decided that Emma was different and relaxed which is reflected in how well she behaves for her. Today she was almost asleep, bottom lip drooping the lot! Emma has also given me plenty of advice including about different products on the market but I have never felt any hint of the hard sell or that she was just pushing one particular product.
My 29 year old Arab mare who has always been shod was a bit 'footy' at first so I rode her in Old Mac boots on the front for a few months but after so long shod, I was not surprised she might need some help in the transition period. She has always been very pidgeon toed, and the difference Emma's technique has made is obvious - she is much straighter in front.
My 18 year old IDx hasn't looked back since going barefoot and we've not had a moment's bother with her feet during the transition. For the last couple of years she had been shod only at the front and had developed quite bad flare on both hind feet despite the farrier's efforts. Emma has really improved the flare as well as the apearance and structures of all four feet.
We still have a way to go before we get eight perfect, natural hooves but having seen the improvements already made, I don't doubt Emma will get us there