About Me

Emma Carlton:-

Hello my name is Emma i helped to put together this website.  I am a DAEP and a MIAEP, i have spent most of my life around horse's, i learnt to ride when i was about three years old and i enjoy hacking out and a small amount of showing.I was introduced to the world of Applied Equine Podiatry when a pony that we brought from a dealer had a "pottery gait" she was very fat and the vet was called who diagnosed lamanitis and a strict diet was set out and her gait improved but something still was not right, she was then x-rayed and nerve blocked at which point navicular was diagnosed, we were unhappy with the previous bad experiance with the farrier so scanning the internet we found Trevor Jones a registered DAEP although our vets were sceptical they stood in on the very first trim and were amazed.  I always thought that with farriery being traditionally male that being a DAEP would be something i would not be physicaly capable of but with some consideation i started the rigorous training with the Institute of Applied Equine Podiatry and qualified as a DAEP in August 2010.  It has been an amazing learning curve for me and the best choice i ever made. Since qualifying as a DAEP, i have been very busy trimming our own ponies, It is my aim to continue learning anything that i can in order to help the horses that come into my life, some of the things that i would like more knowledge of is Aromatherapy, Homeopathy, Ttouch and Iridology alongside doing my yearly CPD with the Institute Of Applied Equine Podiatry. Tiffany is my horse that i have owned for nearly eleven years, she is 15hh and is a piebald gypsy cob x trotter, she is an amazing horse who i am very lucky to own. Tiffany has been barefoot for about eight years and has very good feet, we enjoy hacking on the southdowns and a little bit of showing, she likes to be asked nicely to do things, and if i dont mind how they are done then they will be done tiffanys way, this suits the both of us and i would never swap her for all the chocolate in the world