About A.E.P

 Applied Equine Podiatry, Not Just Another Trim!

Applied equine podiatry takes into account the management of the horse and conditioning of the hooves, working to achieve equilibrium and structural balance in the whole horse ie Whole Horse Hoofcare.

Applied Equine Podiatry is a hoofcare program that includes the whole horse, with commitment from the horse owner we work closely together to acheive the healthiest hooves possible. As Daeps we recognise that all horses are individuals and therefore strive to aid you in achieving the best possible performance for your horse.

DAEP's are not the same as farriers, but are also trained specialists in hoofcare for the unshod horse, our aim is to educate the horse owner about correct enviroment, diet and excercise needed for correct stimulus in order to acheive correct growth. Correct stimulus is one of the main keys to success,we believe shoes do not provide the correct stimulus needed and therefore will hinder the correct function and growth, in return this will weaken structures leading to common problems like wall cracks, under-run heels, infections and many other problems.

We are not anti shoes, going shoeless takes time and commitment from every horse owner, without this commitment it may be in the horse's best interest to remain shod.

The HPT method founded and taught by KC La Pierre, is not just a natural trim, nor is it a barefoot trim, it is a performance trim that supports correct function of the horse's hoof, and can be applied to any horse, as it uses external landmarks closest to it's point of origin.The reason for this is there is less room for distortion, resulting in everything on the outside being balanced to the structures on the inside, this allows the hoof and internal foot to be in true balance.  As the HPT method uses external landmarks and not pre determined angles it leaves the hoof correctly balanced allowing maximum support of each structure.

Your farrier or vet will be welcomed by any DAEP during any situation, it is important we work closely with other professionals as the horse's well being is our number one priority.